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Last Minute Gifts

Last Minute Gifts For Pets and People

What to buy for that person who has everything? What to buy as a last minute gift? What to get your own pet? Pet people love gifts for their pets and appreciate pet-themed presents for themselves. These types of gifts are so much more creative than a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates. In this post we will give some great suggestions for last minute gifts to give your beloved pets and gifts for the pet lover.

For Pet Loving People

You may have a few more people you need to get last minute gifts for this season. Are any of them a pet owner? If the answer is yes, we can help with some suggestions. For the best selection come in soon, time is going by quickly! If you think you have your holiday gift list conquered, consider something for stocking stuffers or something new for your own pet to enjoy this holiday season.

We have high-quality hats, t-shirts and totes for people who love pets. The ball-cap style hats are stylish and humorous with special attention given to design details. The t-shirts are made with 100% cotton and silk-screened in San Fransisco. Both make great last minute holiday gifts and are unisex.

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Last Minute Gifts For Pets


Dogs and Cats


New Bed

We have so many great choices available. Our most popular beds have a bolster around the border, which provides both back and neck support. We have bolster beds in a variety of beautiful fabrics and sizes. Stop in and tell us what kind of pet you have and their size. We can give you some excellent options to help you with the perfect last minute gift for your pet.

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Food and Water Bowls

No matter what the size and type of pet you have, we have a unique selection of food and water bowls. We have different raised feeders with both stainless steel and ceramic bowls. Coordinating placemats are available for those messy eaters/drinkers out there!

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A year-round favorite! Both practical and beautiful, these throws have multiple uses. Put on a couch to protect the furniture. Place over a pet bed to reduce the frequency of washing the actual bed. Use as a blanket for dogs and cats that like to burrow. Designate sleeping areas on the “big bed”. These throws are so comfy and soft you may want one for your self as a last minute gift!

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A New Toy!

There is arguably no greater joy than giving a dog or cat a new toy! We always have a very unique and interesting selection of toys to choose from and they are great last minute gifts. We take the time to make our toy selection stand out above the rest.

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Interactive Puzzle Toy

Find out how smart your dog really is with puzzles! These types of games have different levels of difficulty and your dog is rewarded with treats throughout their learning process. We have a display of level 1-3 puzzles. Stop in and we can explain how each level works.

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Have you been invited to a dinner or holiday party and the host is a pet lover? If the answer is yes, we have treats and toys for both dogs and cats that you can bring to the party and impress your host with that thoughtful gesture.

We specialize in all-natural and healthy treats and chews for dogs and cats and have an excellent selection. You can wrap up a bag, put it under the tree or use as a stocking stuffer. Let the fun begin! Get it started with our holiday promotion. Buy 3 bags, get 1 free. Spread the love!

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