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Product Review – Cat Water

What is Cat Water? Cat Water is mineral,  chlorine and toxin-free hydration for cats. The water is drawn from a deep underground spring located in the Appalachian Mountains and then vapor distilled to remove all traces of minerals. It is then further optimized to achieve the perfect pH level for feline health.  Think “Smart Water” for cats. […]

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Pet Social Distancing

What is Pet Social Distancing? Pet Social Distancing is a precaution to minimize the spread of any virus but specifically COVID-19 at this time. The same social distancing measures taken when you are out in public should be applied to your pets as well. The CDC recommendation keeping 6-10 feet between yourself and other people […]

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What To Do In A Pet Emergency? First, Be Prepared!

_______________________________________ Dog Medical Emergency Guide created by FIGO Pet Insurance. ___________________________________________ Goodness for Pets is an all-natural pet supply store and boutique catering to animals and those who love them. Since 2004, we have been providing unparalleled service to our community in Naples, FL.  Our goal is to be a valuable and dependable resource for […]

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