Looking for the top dogs toys? Before purchasing,  pause for a moment to evaluate that next buy. Toys should be viewed as a tool in your arsenal of care-giving for your dog, on the same level as nutrition and exercise.  Consider a game-changing alternative to the usual. The top dog toys are a great way to provide mental and physical benefits to your dog that you may not have considered before. There is a plethora of types of toys, which we will detail for you by the top 5 categories, that offer utility you may before not have considered. Read on to get the top dog toys for your dog! Consider these benefits that properly selected toys can provide:

Physical Benefits

  • Weight Management
  • Joint Support
  • Muscle Mass and Tone
  • Increased Metabolism

Mental Benefits

  • Intellectual Stimulation
  • Stress Relief
  • Reduced Boredom-induced Destruction
  • Bonding




Problem solving or interaction-based reward toys. Puzzles require a dog to solve a problem by figuring out how to get to the reward. Find out how smart your dog is! Start with level 1 and progress upwards. We carry a line of puzzles that are dishwasher safe to assist in removing all that slobber! Interactive toys put your dog to work! A dog must move the dispenser around with their paws and nose in order to release the reward. These toys are great for dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds and come with varying degrees of ease/difficulty. Puppies are entertained for long periods and older dogs work their minds. All dogs benefit from such stimulation and can reduce boredom-induced destructive behavior. The two in this category are quickly becoming the top dog toys selling now.

Dog Puzzle Pet Store | Goodness for Pets

Interactive dog toy Pet Store | Goodness for Pets Lab puppy toy | Goodness for Pets


Pliable, soft to the mouth and typically with a squeaker enclosed. Ever wonder why your dog has a favorite toy? So many factors weigh in that you might not have even considered. The texture, the sound it makes (squeak, crinkle, animal sounds, music) the size, the snuggle factor and even the color. Bring your dog in to test out various factors and see what he/she responds to the best. You may be surprised. Sorry, no test chewing. Plush toys are the top dog toys selling at Goodness for Pets !

Dog with Plush Toy | Goodness for PetsPlush toy tree | Goodness for PetsToys for Dogs | Goodness for Pets


What dog doesn’t not a game of fetch? Launch, chase, retrieve. A great way to exercise your dog and is the best of bonding experiences between canine and human. These fetch games can be done outside or inside your home. There are launchers that can send your dog running hundreds of feet or a mere six, depending upon the environment in which you intend to use it. TIP: In rainy or harsh weather conditions, the inside fetch toy is a great solution for maintaining exercise levels. For more information on fetch toys, check out  The Whole Dog Journal’s recent review.

Fetch Toy | Goodness for Petsfetching | Goodness for Pets


Buoyant and light-weight toys that float in water. Suitable for pools, lakes, beaches and rivers. Swimming is an excellent way to exercise your dog and a water-based fetch game keeps it interesting. Available in many shapes and sizes. Remember, these toys can also be used as fetch toys in the yard or at the dog park and are dishwasher safe on the top shelf. It is important to select the appropriate size water toy for your dog, depending upon the mouth size. Within Aquatics, the top dog toys are fabric disks and rubber throw toys with “legs” for easy retrieval.

Dog Toy Water | Goodness for PetsFloat toy Pet Store Water Dog | Goodness for PetsDog Water Toy Pet Store | Goodness for Pets


Fibrous and durable, these are multi-functional toys that provide enjoyment, stimulation and aid in dental health. They come in an array of materials including rope, leather, canvas, hemp, sisal and loofah. Due to the high fiber content, the teeth and gums are rubbed while chewing, reducing tartar and plaque and stimulating the gums. Knotted rope toys are a classic for good chewers and a double knotted makes for long-lasting tug of war bouts. Leather toys appeal to many dogs. Jute leather is softer and more fibrous than traditional smooth leather. Canvas and hemp toys often contain a squeaker as well and are quite rugged. Loofah toys are the most fibrous. As a dog chews, the digestible loofah shreds into small pieces. Think flossing for dogs! The top dog toys in this category are the loofah chew, the canvas bone and the knotted rope toy.

Dog dental chew | Goodness for PetsRope Dog Toy Chew | Goodness for PetsDental Chew Toy | Goodness for PetsTop Dog Toys Recap

We hope this information inspired you to reconsider your next dog toy purchase. What we would like your take-away from this to be: toys are not just for fun, although they are SO much fun. Consider them a tool in your arsenal of care-giving for your dog. By varying your dog’s toys, benefits are realized on many levels including both mental and physical stimulation.  Goodness for Pets can help you pick out a selection that is catered to your dog, because each dog is unique and special. We continually research new and unique products in order to provide you with the best dog toys that are distinguished by both quality and safety. We look forward to seeing you soon!






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