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Cat Fact: Five Fun Ones


Cat Fact 1: If a kitty flops onto her back and presents the full length of her belly, it means she trusts you and is comfortable in your presence. So naturally, she is also asking for a belly rub – right? Not so fast! While some cats may enjoy it, stroking a cat’s belly can also quickly break that trust, causing her to lash out. A cat’s head and shoulders are the safest areas to gently rub, particularly if meeting for the first time.

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Cat Fact 2: Kitty paws are universally adorable, but there is a good reason your cat gets a bit cagey if you mess with one: Their paws are extremely sensitive and chock-full of nerve receptors, which assist them in balancing, sensing pressure, texture and vibrations.  So the next time you feel the urge to squeeze that cute little paw, think again or at the very least, be extra gentle!

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Cat Fact 3: There is nothing quite like the sensation of a cat’s sandpaper-like tongue on your skin. The rough texture is caused by dozens of backward-facing barbs called papillae. You’ve watch cats put their papillae to work countless times when they use the barbs as combs to groom themselves (or others) and to remove dirt and loose fur from their coats. When your feline friend licks you, it means your cat is caring for you by grooming you, much like Mama Kitty did when your cat was a tiny kitten. Tolerate it for as long as you can because it is a bonding moment!

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Cat Fact 4: A 2015 study conducted at Indiania University polled more than 7,000 people about their cat video viewing habits and how those videos affected their moods. Participants reported that watching cat antics made them feel more positive and energetic, while reducing their anxiety, sadness and annoyance.  Humor is a great healer! So the next time you are feeling a bit irritable, take a break and watch some cat videos! For a real belly- laugh, watch one of our favorite videos of all time. We like to call it “If A Cat -Like-Person Worked In An Office”.

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Cat Fact 5: Felines are extremely agile, stealth hunters. Both wild and domestic cats keep their heads completely level when hunting prey, unlike dogs, who tend to bob their heads up and down. Keeping a steady, fixed sight on their target allows cats to calculate the number of moves it will take to reach their target and also to remain undetected. Cats are nothing short of pure athletes when on the prowl.

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