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7 AMAZING BENEFITS OF A RAW FOOD DIET – Guest Submission by Sarah Marshall

Having a pet is one of the best experiences in life! If you are planning on getting a dog or a cat or already have of your own, this will be some resourceful information for you. You will learn about the benefits your pets will get from feeding a raw food diet. It is our sole responsibility to take care of and love our pets. As pet parents, we know the feeling of the unconditional love that our canine or feline buddy is giving us. This is one of the things that we love about dogs and cats.

Taking care of a dog or cat is not actually hard when it is done correctly. Playing, bathing, and feeding are the three common things that we should do for our dogs. Talking about feeding, a raw food diet is one of the best options to feed your dog or cat. As you read on you will learn what raw food diet is, the benefits of feeding raw, and how to safely store and prepare meals.

About Raw Food Diet for Dogs and Cats


A raw food diet highlights raw meat especially organ or muscle meat. Other ingredients in some raw food diets are: crushed or whole bones, raw eggs, some milk or yogurt, vegetables, and fruits. Raw food diet highlights raw meat especially organ or muscle meat. Other ingredients in some raw food diets are: crushed or whole bones, raw eggs, some milk or yogurt, vegetables, and fruits.

A  raw food diet for dogs and cats can be somewhat controversial due to some risk of potential bacteria. In some way, it is true but with proper preparation and handling it can be done safely. If a raw food diet is really dangerous then they would be long gone extinct. Before dogs and cats were domesticated by humans, they hunted their prey and ate them raw. For those who were not skilled hunters, they would scavenge for carcasses, raw eggs, and fresh vegetation to survive. Today, a pet owner can safely feed a prepared or home-made raw food diet as part of their pets balanced diet.

Benefits of a Raw Food Diet


A raw food diet has amazing benefits! If prepared and served correctly, your dog or cat would have the full nutrients they need from raw food. Pet owners have seen improvements to the health of their dogs and cats after feeding a raw food diet. Additional benefits of feeding a raw food diet to your pet include: obtaining minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and energetic traits from it. Processed food, as in dry kibble or canned food, will loose nutrients through the cooking process.

A raw diet’s nutrients are pure and easier to digest and absorb when you feed a raw food diet. Proper preparation and serving of raw food is important. Some experts suggest that you should store the raw food in the freezer. You should also clean everything that comes in touch with the raw food carefully. It is also best to seek the veterinarian’s or vet nutritionist’s advice before starting a raw food diet. Here are the 7 amazing benefits of a raw food diet:


  1. Healthier and Shinier Coat and Skin


You may notice when you feed processed foods the coat of your dog/cat may look dry and dull. The opposite happens when you start feeding a raw food diet. Your pets skin and coat become shinier, softer, cleaner and they will not have a yeasty odor. As a matter of fact, those dogs who eat a raw food diet are bathed less frequently by their owners.

  1. Cleaner and Fresher Teeth and Breath


The tartar and plaque that grow on dog’s and cat’s teeth can be attributed to the full carbohydrate ingredients found in some commercial dog food. There is less need to worry about cavities or teeth damage on your pet’s teeth when you feed a raw food diet. A raw food diet contains fiber from ground bones which help reduce tartar and plaque buildup. Feeding dogs meaty bones with connective tissues such as cartilage and tendons aids in their need to chew. The other benefits of a dog tearing, chewing, and crunching on a raw meaty bone is healthier teeth and gums. Eating whole raw food does great things to keep your pet’s teeth and gums clean and healthy.


  1. Better Weight Management


One of the problems that many pet owners struggle with is pet obesity. This can be due to processed and commercial food. Weight problems lead to many health issues such as heart failure, joint problems, and a higher risk of diabetes and cancer. A raw food diet is much healthier than processed food because they get all their nutrients naturally with very low carbohydrate fillers. When your dog or cat eats raw food they can easily achieve a lean weight.

  1. Stools Are Properly Formed and Less Smelly


Your pet’s stools can be surprisingly large and smelly because of the consumption of commercial pet food. On the other hand, their stools become smaller and less smelly when you start feeding a raw food. It is also great to use it as a plant’s fertilizer because it biodegrades easily and has nutrients that are beneficial to plants.


  1. Fewer Yeast Infections


Your dog or cat could get yeast infection due to starch-filled commercial pet food. This starch-filled kibble could start yeast infections and worsen into chronic problems. Feeding your dog or cat a raw food diet in the early stages could put a stop to this kind of condition. This could help control or even successfully treat yeast problems when you start a raw food diet now.

  1. Immune System and Stamina Becomes Stronger!


A raw food diet has been proven to provide support in building your pets immune defense system. Their stamina, vitality, and immune strength becomes stronger due to the full and natural nutrients that they get in eating raw food. If your dog or cat has allergies, hot spots, infections, or weight problems, try feeding them a raw food diet.


  1. Save-up!


As a pet owner, you could really save a lot when your pet is healthy because it means fewer trips to the veterinarian. When you feed a raw food diet, you can ensure that your pet gets all the nutrients and vitamins he or she needs to become a more vibrant. Their digestion improves and their mobility increases. Which is especially good for older pets when they get the full nutrients from the food they eat. Raw food also reduces allergy symptoms and improves liver, pancreatic and bowel health daily. They will have the health and strength with these added nutrients to help their own immunity system fight off disease.

Raw Dog Food Diet Recipes

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Now that you know that a raw food diet provides a full host of nutritious benefits, regardless of breed or age. Maybe you are now thinking about what kind of raw food you wanted to prepare. There are many recipes for raw  food that are all very nutritious and healthy meals. Preparing a raw food is actually easy and fun to do, especially that you now know how beneficial it is. Of course, before doing anything by yourself always seek a veterinarians advice so that you will be guided correctly in preparing a raw food diet. Below are some of the affordable and easy to make recipes for raw food. You can serve it straight away or put it in the fridge for future use.

Greens and Beef

Pets who eat green veggies are healthier and they could easily prevent cancer from growing. Combine 5% to 10% of organic collard greens and apples; 5% to 20% organic kale; 12% to 15% of beef tail bones; 10% to 30% of beef liver or heart; and lastly 35% to 50% beef (you can use either ground, stew, or chuck). Mix the meat and veggies well. Pureed vegetables are easier for dogs and cats to digest.

Greens and Chickens

Here is another nutritious leafy green that you can prepare! Just mix these ingredients well and serve it straight away  or put it in the fridge and give it to him or her later. Combine 5% to 10% of organic carrots, spinach, and broccoli; 12% to 15% ground chicken bone, 10% to 30% chicken liver and heart; 35% to 50% chicken breast or thighs. Pureed vegetables are easier for dogs and cats to digest.

How Much to Feed


What is the right amount of food to serve to avoid waste and maintain a healthy weight? Feed about 1-3% of your pets ideal weight. For example, if your dog is 50 pounds, a pound of food a day is just right! If you are planning to feed your puppy or kitten raw food,  make sure that you feed 2-3% more of their ideal adult weight. For example: if your puppy weighs 15 pounds today but when fully grown will be 50 pounds, feed according to his or her ideal adult weight and not on the present weight. Both puppies and kittens need a lot of calcium for better development of his or her bones and teeth.

Guest submission courtesy of Sarah Marshall of Allpetsdirectory,  a blog providing information on pet care, behaviors, tips, tricks, and reviews on pet-related products in the market.