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Product Review – Cat Water

What is Cat Water?

Cat Water is mineral,  chlorine and toxin-free hydration for cats. The water is drawn from a deep underground spring located in the Appalachian Mountains and then vapor distilled to remove all traces of minerals. It is then further optimized to achieve the perfect pH level for feline health.  Think “Smart Water” for cats. Cat Water comes in a 500 ml plastic bottle (16.9 ounces) and a 4 liter plastic jug (135.2 ounces). Both containers are made from recycled materials and are also recyclable. Goodness for Pets has ample stock of both sizes.

Why do Cats Need Special Cat Water?

Most cats are notoriously inadequate drinkers. This is in part due to their instinctive defenses. In the wild, drinking is a very vulnerable position where they are temporarily exposed in the communal watering area and further, not watching for predators while drinking.  When cats in the wild do drink, it tends to be in large quantities to hydrate them well enough for long periods of time. Domesticated cats are no different so it is important that the water they intake is pure and healthful.

Most tap water contains flouride, chlorine and minerals among other things. Filtered water (e.g. Brita) removes flouride and chlorine but the filtration does not remove all minerals. Many people purchase spring water to avoid the exposure to chlorine and flouride but spring water naturally has minerals in it. What type of minerals depends on the mineral composition of the spring from which it is sourced. Mineral exposure over time is known to contribute to and/or cause urinary infections, bladder stones, crystals, blockages and inflammation. Furthermore, the ideal pH for urinary health is more acidic than tap/filtered/spring water. Cat Water was formulated specifically to address these issues and underwent significant third-party clinical testing to prove it’s effectiveness.


Our Product Review of Cat Water

cat water, pet store, pet shop | Goodness for Pets

Firstly, we cannot stress enough the importance of hydration for our feline family members. Especially if you are feeding only dry kibble, which contains no moisture and therefore, your cat’s sole source of hydration is from the cat water bowl. Thus making it of even more relevance to ensure the quality of that water in that bowl. Other forms of cat food do contain additional moisture such as canned food, pouches, raw food and refrigerated fresh food. Additionally, there are nutritious fluids that you can give your cat that aid in digestion, boost the immune system and reduce inflammation. Some examples include goat’s milk, bone broth and moist supplemental superfoods. Getting fluids through your cat in any form is extremely beneficial to overall health.

cat water, pet store, pet shop | Goodness for Pets

Now, onto the case of Cat Water! We tested the product on two cats in the same household. One is super-picky and the other just a little selective. Cat Water was added to the raw diet these two cats have been on since they were kittens. They were both already accustomed to having additional fluids added to the food, including filtered water. When the Cat Water was introduced in the bowl for the first time, Picky Kitty, walked up to the bowl and sniffed it, detecting something different. A few more sniffs and a tentative taste and then straight ahead into eating the food with the new Cat Water added. Test Kitty #2, never once hesitated.

In order to monitor whether Cat Water altered water consumption, we used the bowl shown in the picture above.  It is a raised water bowl with line demarcations on the side of the bowl indicating water level. Both cats drink from the same bowl.  The bowl was monitored for two weeks prior to introducing Cat Water and monitored for one week following. We concluded that combined, the two cats drank slightly more per day (about a tablespoon) of the Cat Water than they previously did of the filtered water. In the world of cats, a tablespoon is a lot of water!

Cat Water Take Aways

As the adage goes “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.  We believe the absence of minerals and proper pH level in the Cat Water product will help reduce the risk of urinary tract issues.  We are not convinced all cats will drink more Cat Water than they previously did but if they are drinking as much as before, then Cat Water offers a far superior hydration product. If you are not currently offering additional hydration to you cat, we recommend that you add Cat Water along with the other methods mentioned above to push more fluids through your cat to aid in diluting the urine and overall renal and urinary health.

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