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Cane Toads: PupDefense Is A Natural Deterrent

Cane Toads: A Real Problem Solved!

Goodness for Pets is please to announce a partnership with PupDefense to offer a natural solution to our customers for the very real and dangerous cane toad problem here in Florida. The PupDefense product is a safe and effective means to keep cane toads out of your yard, keeping your pets out of harm’s way.  

Cane toads are very large, the world’s biggest toad and are classified as an invasive species in Florida.  Cane toads secrete a deadly toxin on their skin that, when ingested by a dog or cat, can be lethal in a very short period of time, in as little as 15 minutes for a small animal.  Over the years we have heard so many heart-breaking tragedies of loss of a beloved pet to a cane toad but could only offer condolences, not a solution.  Now we can! PupDefense was formulated after a near tragedy of a Golden Retriever. The owner, a Naples resident, set out to find a way to repel cane toads and keep them out of  the yard and away from the home. It took a lot of research and experimentation but it has been finally perfected. 

PupDefense is an all-natural, non-toxic blend of botanicals that was developed specifically to repel cane toads.  It comes in granule form that is easily spread around the perimeter of the area you want to protect, forming a barrier that canes toads will avoid. Spread the granules more heavily in areas where you have seen cane toads in the past such as shrubbery, gutter spouts and walkways.

PupDefense is long-lasting.  After the first two initial applications at a two-week interval, PupDefense only needs to be reapplied every 60 days. The gallon size covers 500 square feet or 6000 linear feet.  If you are concerned only about a small courtyard or walkway, the quart size covers 125 square feet or 1500 linear feet.

Feel free to stop in to discuss further. We are happy and relieved to finally have a safe, pet-friendly solution to offer our customers for the very serious cane toad problem after hearing so many heart-breaking stories of loss to cane toads.  We have PupDefense fully stocked on our shelves. Watch the short video below to learn more!







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