Our freezers are stocked full of natural choices from the best brands in the business, like Primal, Stella & Chewy’s, Bravo, Savage Cat, Small Batch and more.


We have a large selection of all-natural dry food for dogs and cats sourced from only the highest quality manufacturers.


All the benefits of frozen food with the ease of dried food! Nuggets, patties, mix-ins, and more!


We carry top-of-the-line canned foods for both cats and dogs. Perfect for the picky eater or any pet needing extra moisture.

GOODIES with benefits

Wholesome Treats

We got treats! In all shapes, sizes and flavors because we know how you love to treat your pet and how much your pets loves to receive them! Of course, they are all completley natural and healthy so any treat you select will be worry-free.

Healthy Chews

Whether you’re after deer antlers, some simple bully sticks, or maybe a few full-sized buffalo ears, we got it. We offer safe alternatives to rawhide for long lasting and healthy chewing to keep them busy and content.



We have an absolute smorgasbord of fuzzy faces, squeaky friends, and high quality fetch/tug toys for your pets to have a blast with. For any pets who instead prefer brain over brawn, we also offer interactive puzzles and treat dispensers.

High-Quality Gear

Harnesses, collars, leashes, waste bags, car seats, the list goes on and on! We offer all of the above with our guarantee of quality and performance.


We humans get comfortable beds, blankets, tableware, and shelter. Why skimp out on our pets? We carry beautiful, soft beds + (matching) blankets, stylish food/water bowls, and deluxe crates that fit perfectly with modern furniture. Your pet will feel right at home.


Holistic Solutions

We believe in addressing the whole pet when it comes to issue resolution. We offer many natural remedies for common problems including eyes, ears, skin/coat, anxiety, digestion and even flea/tick solutions that are all-natural. Let us help your pet thrive, not just survive!


Not only do we offer products that keep your pets safe, but also ones that keep their environment safe. A prime example, PupDefense, makes sure your pets aren’t exposed to any Cane Toads, which are extremely dangerous (potentially lethal) to other animals.


Our grooming section is home to both great products and great tools. Washes, wipes, creams, and bug sprays can be used in conjunction with our great combs, clippers, brushes, and slickers to give your pet the deep clean they deserve.

Interested in Specifics?

Check out our Pointy page for up-to-date listings of what products we are selling.


Special Orders

We specialize in special orders! We will gladly get exactly what you need and make the process very easy. Just call us on Friday and your order will typically be in the very next week. If you know how frequently you will need a certain product, we can have it waiting for you so you can skip calling it in.


We happily ship within the continental United States. Many of our seasonal customers take advantage of this service. We utilize the U.S. Postal Service’s Flat Rate Priority shipping. Rates vary depending on size, typically, between $7 – $19. Bulk items, such as beds, will be charged according to the actual postage. No additional handling fees. Call us now and we will get it out to you right away!

Gift Certificate

Celebrate your furry family member with a trip to Goodness for Pets! We offer Gift Certificates in any amount.

Customer Rewards

We love our customers and offer a robust rewards program for anyone who signs up. The rewards include frequent buyer free product, monthly specials and discounts for members. We also honor all valid manufacturer coupons.