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Picky Eater? Introducing Magic Dust!

Feeding Time a Challenge?

Is your dog or cat bored with meal time? Are you trying to transition to a new food? Would you like to add some flavor variety to your pet’s meal? Magic Dust is the perfect solution for pets who are not eating their food. This fine powdered topper is effortless with just two easy steps. 1) Shake on 2) Mix in. If your dog or cat likes “gravy”  you can even add fluids to the bowl if desired. Great choices in fluids are bone broth, goat’s milk or filtered water. This single protein jerky topper finally makes meal time exciting again! It’s also a great solution for adding various flavors to your dog’s or cat’s food, whether it’s a kibble, raw, or any other kind of meal.

Available in Beef, Turkey, Chicken, Duck and Lamb. Magic Dust is the new flavor your dog or cat has been asking for. With minimal ingredients and a tasty flavor, this simple solution makes meal time exciting again!

Magic Dust is a very pure product  made from human-grade ingredients and is grain and gluten free with no meaningless fillers. Manufactured in small batches in Lancaster, Pennsylvania to the highest quality standards by Wild Meadow Farms.


Like Magic Dust?

If your dog or cat likes Magic Dust, we think the treats might be a hit too! We carry Jerky Bites in the same flavors and they are one of our most popular treats!

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