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FDA DCM: Don’t Panic

We have received many calls from around the country as well as in-store visits about the recent FDA communication regarding dog food and DCM. Let me first say, please don’t panic. Assuming you are feeding high-quality food, with or without grains, what you are currently feeding your dog is fine. Read on to understand why.


DCM is a heart condition that typically occurs in large breeds such as Dobermans, Newfoundlands, Great Danes and recently Retrievers. It rarely occurs in smaller breeds. Your vet may recommend to you a prescription diet but that is unnecessary in almost all cases. Please note, the food brands released by the FDA were voluntarily provided by vets in cases of a DCM diagnosis. Which means it is far from exhaustive and even farther from conclusive. An in-depth report details the lack of diet related cause. Take special notice of the funders of the study at the very end of the article.


We encourage you to go to the website of your pet food manufacturer and read their very informed response to an unfortunate, massive miscommunication made by the FDA regarding dog food and DCM.


Goodness for Pets is here to answer any concerns or questions you have. We understand your concern and can help you find a solution that is best for you beloved dog.

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