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Customer Rewards Program – Just Launched!

Customer Rewards Program

We are very pleased and excited to announce the launch of our Customer Rewards Program!

We heard you! You hate punch cards, cutting out UPCs and saving receipts. We hate all that too! So we invested in technology  to totally automate it for you.


Goodness for Pets has partnered with a number of our most strategic manufacturers and is now offering our customers a rewards program that is automated, easy and beneficial! You will receive rewards when you purchase products from featured companies on a recurring basis as well as special offers.

Frequent Buyer

Buy 12 bags get the next one free. Click here to see our particpating partners. Big names like Fromm, Primal, Stella and Chewys, Petcurean, Orijen, Acana, Vital Essentials and many more.

Special Offers

In addition to the frequent buyer rewards, we are also doing deals on other products like treats and canned food as well as dollars off coupons and BOGO. You can view the specials on our mobile app before coming to the store so you know what is on sale before you start shopping.  Here is an screenshot of September’s special offers.

Customer Rewards, Frequent Buyer, Special Offers, Pet Store | Goodness For Pets

Check out some of our special offers for September and October below:

Primal Pet Foods

Vital Essentials

Plato Pet Treats

Even if you don’t bother to check the special offers beforehand, you will automatically be given the special at checkout!

How to Sign Up


The next time you stop in, we will get you all set up to get these great perks. We just need a cell phone and email address to get you started. We do not sell/share your  information with anyone but the manufacturers with whom we have partnered. They may send you coupons or offers and you can always opt out.


Once you are signed up for our customer rewards program you will get a welcome email from us. All you have to do is click on the verification link to confirm your enrollment.

Download Our Mobile App

Optionally, you can download our mobile app which provides you with a simple, straightforward way to view deals and monitor your rewards.

Customer Rewards, Frequent Buyer, Special Offers, Pet Store | Goodness For Pets

Up and Running and Rewarding

Every time you shop for your pets at our store, our automated software will keep track of your purchases as you build up rewards for free products. You can monitor your reward status on the mobile app if you like but we will have all your reward activity available when you check out! This is an example of rewards status monitoring on the mobile app:

Customer Rewards, Frequent Buyer, Special Offers, Pet Store | Goodness For Pets


Please note that these offers and customer rewards are not available online.  Is free shipping really worth it compared to this? And unlike those online sellers, our products are always under conditioned air. Not sitting in a warehouse, not sweltering or freezing in a delivery truck or your doorstep being compromised by the elements. Do your pets a favor and buy local while investing in your community. Spend your dollars where you live!




Goodness for Pets is an all-natural pet supply store and boutique catering to animals and those who love them. Since 2004, we have been providing unparalleled service to our community in Naples, FL.  Our goal is to be a valuable and dependable resource for our customers, offering products and services that are distinguished by quality, safety, excellence, and creativity. We specialize in holistic solutions with an emphasis on nutrition while acknowledging that each pet and pet owner has unique needs and requirements.